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From the desk of

Abhilash Hazarika

I am not an MBA nor do I belong to Finance background. My passion for stock market brought me to this field. After quitting job for stock market, happily trading for more than 6 years and would teach you the art of making money fast.

After trading for more than 6 years without any guidance and help I have succeeded to stay among the 5% who makes money because 95% lose money in stock market. I am here so that you don't need to suffer the pain and loss that I had to go through during my initial days. It doesn't matter whether you are interested in stocks, bitcoin, forex or crude oil. Because knowledge of charts and markets has no boundaries. Once you master the art, you can trade anywhere. I will be teaching Intraday trading, F&O trading, Swing Trading, Commodity trading and will bring every wild thing on the charts and will make you believe.... YES! Nothing is Impossible.


Program Specifications

Starry Sky

Learn Full Technical Analysis, What to do, what not do, Risk Management and most importantly market psychology 

Starry Sky
100+ Video

The course consists of more than 100+ videos covering almost every topic for a beginner to jump start trading.

Starry Sky

Complete methodology to become an Ace investor. Learn step by step to pick the multibagger stock 

Starry Sky
14 Trading

After completion of the course, 14 trading strategies have been added with the course so that you can start trading asap

This program is perfect for you, if you are :

Stock Market Beginner

You are a beginner and want to know how to trade in Stocks to earn money.

Forex Market Beginner

Interested in currency market but no clue when to buy and when to sell. Learn the perfect Buy & Sell positions of any currency pair.

Job Frustration

We all want financial independence. To achieve the life we want, trading can be the perfect stepping stone.

Stock Market 


Learn to build wealth by picking the perfect stock by fundamental analysis and become an Ace investor.



Take trading as a full time career or planning to become an Investment expert. This course will serve the purpose.

Financial Safety

Beat down any economic crisis and recession by becoming a trader. Because there is no lockdown in stock  and forex market.

Program Curriculum

This is a comprehensive program for those who wish to begin a Full Time or Part Time Career as a Trader in Equity, Currency or Commodity market and wish you to become a great investor or investment expert. Perhaps this is the best course available online at this price that mainly aims at spreading knowledge instead of making big profits. Because Technical analysis part will hep you to become a professional trader and the Fundamental analysis part will teach you to the methodology to pick the right multibagger stock. Target of this course is to make you understand the Trading Psychology which deals with understanding the self before you risk your first buck in financial markets as 90% of success in financial markets is attributed to Trading Psychology. This course will teach you from basic to advanced and make you understand how to make profit with perfect entry and exit.


It teaches the secrets of successful traders, unique ideas to trade in Intraday, Swing trade and also short term and long term delivery.

To master the market, you should know the correct entry and exit. This course has explained in detail with the help of different strategies how to to have a Proper Entry - Book profit - Exit.


Module 1: Candlestick chart, patterns and how to use them

Line Chart

What is a Candlestick chart
Candlestick Analysis
Bullish Engulfing Pattern
Bearish Engulfing Pattern
Piercing Pattern
Dark Cloud Cover Pattern
Hammer Pattern
Shooting Star Pattern
Doji Pattern

Harami Pattern
Morning Star Pattern
Evening Star Pattern
How to Combine Candlestick Patterns
How not to trade candlestick patterns
Psychology behind candlesticks
Trading strategies using candlestick patterns

Module 2: Functioning of the Stock & Forex Market

How Market Functions: Functioning of Stock Market and Forex Market

How to Fundamentally Analyse a stock for investing
How to find out the Perfect time to buy a stock using Technical Analysis. 


Module 3: Risk Management

Risk Management
Why is it important


Module 4: The Holy Grail of Trading; Support & Resistance

Support and Resistance
How to find out Support and Resistance levels in the market in naked charts
How to take trades using Moving Averages and Trendline using them as S&R

Common Trading Terminologies Every Trader should Know

Different Trading Styles

Things to know before you jump into the market

Module 5: Chart Patterns & Profit Making

False Breakout Chart Pattern 
Volatility Contraction Chart Pattern 
Ascending Triangle Chart Pattern 
Flag Chart Pattern 
Head & Shoulder Chart Pattern 
Double Top Chart Pattern 


Module 6: Indicators


Introduction to Indicators

How to use Moving Averages like a Pro
Stochastic Oscillator 
Parabolic SAR
Relative Strength Index [ RSI]
RSI Divergence- The Secret To Profit Making  
MACD Indicator: THE MAGIC 
Average Directional Index (ADX): Secrets of ADX that nobody tells
Bollinger Bands
Average True Range (ATR)  
Volume Weighted Average Price [VWAP] : the day traders choice


Module 7: Trading Strategies that will help you to Earn Money

Trading Strategy 01: A perfect setup of Candlestick, EMA, Stochastic and VWAP.

Trading Strategy 02: The magic of Heikin Ashi

Trading Strategy 03: MACD & EMA Secret Trick

Trading Strategy 04: Master Swing Trading 

Trading Strategy 05: 200 EMA & 50 EMA strategy

Trading Strategy 06: The Millionaire Strategy: Multi Time Frame Analysis 

Trading Strategy 07: Continuous & Reversal Chart Patterns

Trading Strategy 08: BEST STRATEGY FOR BEGINNERS: ORB Strategy

Trading Strategy 09: Never Loss Strategy: RENKO Chart

Trading Strategy 10: THE SAFE STRATEGY: OHL Strategy

Trading Strategy 11: Trade like a pro with right combo of indicators

Trading Strategy 12: Price Action Trading

Trading Strategy 13: Trendline Breakout

Trading Strategy 14: Volume Based Trading

Module 8: Introduction to investing

Why should we invest?

Where should we invest?

Module 9: Become an Ace Investor | Fundamental Analysis in detail

Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

How to read the Annual report of a company

Understanding the Profit & Loss Statement

Understanding the Balance sheet statement

Cash Flow Statement

The Financial Ratio Analysis

Investment Due Diligence

Equity Research